By focusing on creating authentic emotionally compelling narratives, we craft & document stories that  create a unique identity and a memorable message - that resonates with your audience and moves them to take action.


Use narratives to create an emotional connection between your customers and your brand

To reach its full potential, your brand must shape not just what consumers buy, but how they think, act, feel, and relate. This requires a new perspective - one that goes beyond traditional approaches to marketing and branding, but one that embraces the fundamentals of human nature. Many business owners or entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking their brand story is about them - when in fact, the real story is really about your audience. Who they are, the journey they’re on, their aspirations and challenges they're going through - this is what brand storytelling is all about.

We will give you the clarity and the strategic insight that can be used to bring stories to life that will appeal to your ideal customers. Stories may feature real people or fictional characters that have overcome adversities or gone on to achieve success.

We can then weave your brand throughout those journeys, on the road to success. In a world of unlimited options and instant gratification, storytelling allows your brand to differentiate itself becoming indispensable to consumers. By understanding what drives and motivates your particular customers, we’ll create narratives that truly resonate and make a lasting impact. PBS creates brand stories involving techniques that have empowered great myths, best selling novels, blockbuster films, and every other kind of story you can imagine. We focus on creating unique, authentic, and emotionally compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.

Our Approach

Storytelling techniques we use to help grow your business have been used by best selling authors, Oscar winning filmmakers and every other kind of story you can imagine. By focusing on creating unique, authentic, and emotionally compelling narratives, we’ll help you tell stories that light a spark—and spread like wildfire.

Customer Success Stories

Success stories are a powerful form of social proof. They demonstrate how your products or services have impacted real clients or customers, which helps to build trust and credibility. We help our clients discover the essence of what makes their products or service unique, and use those stories to engage their audience.

Product Stories

By telling compelling stories about your products, how and why they were created, you can highlight their unique features, benefits, and the problems they solve. When consumers understand the process, thought and care that goes into product development, the perceived value increases, encouraging recommendations.

Founder Stories

Every young business benefits from a well told founder’s story, how and why you started. Often with an impressive backstory, many founders are driven by a strong sense of purpose. Such stories are always personal, they have power. By getting audiences to connect with and applaud your founding story, you’re more likely to gain their sympathy and support. Founders tend to be passionate, impressive people, willing to take big risks- but are rarely superhuman. The more down to earth they seem, the more familiar they will feel to your audience.

Documentary Stories

Your audience crave meaningful and emotional connections with the brands they support. By sharing stories that align with the overarching ethos of your brand, what you stand for and what makes you unique, we can work towards establishing a deeper level of trust and credibility. Unlock your brand's storytelling potential by telling real stories of your brand in action.