“People forget facts, but They remember stories.” Joseph campbell



Ideas Foundation

Since 2000, Ideas Foundation has been dedicated to helping move the creative, tech and communications industries in a more diverse direction. Ideas Foundation asked us to launch an initiative encouraging employers to open their doors to students from every walk of life (specifically those from backgrounds that are under-represented in the creative sector) who don’t normally get a look-in.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Schools throughout the UK are constantly looking for new opportunities to raise awareness of their work and the positive impact it has on the lives of its students, as well as within local communities.

Radisson Hotels

Produced to increase engagement related to their customer service training program, this video formed a part of a series focused on different elements of customer service.


Representing 230,000 Chartered Certified Accountants from around the world. ACCA hosts an extensive range of CPD resources. Their professional network can access recorded and live webinars, online courses, articles, and reports. ACCA wanted to make their online learning and training more engaging and interactive.