blending storytelling with immersive technology



Transforming Cybersecurity Learning Through Stories

Our mandate was to use immersive storytelling to transform the way companies deliver Cybersecurity training. Learn how we brought the 'Dark Web' to life in VR.

The School of Policing, Cybercrime and Security

Arden University launched The School of Policing, Cybercrime, and Security in 2022. They wanted to use VR technology to create hyper-realistic immersive learning environments based on real-world contexts.

Unique immersive metaverse experience - UPS Hive

UPS is one of the world’s biggest global shipping and logistics companies. Innovation is at the heart of their business model. Unable to attend exhibitions in 2020 following covid, UPS was looking for a way to host their exhibition in a way that was truly immersive and accessible to all.

Changing attitudes & perceptions towards D&I

EY use stories and case studies to demonstrate what they stand for and their commitment to equity within different communities. One of their senior D&I leaders wanted to use Virtual Reality to bring to life a series of immersive experiences documenting the journeys of different people going through the recruitment process at EY.