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We're transforming the way personal & professional development is delivered across sectors. Combine the ancient art of storytelling with interactive video content to improve learning outcomes within your organisation.


Boost Team Performance, Improve Team Training

What are your most urgent learning, training and development related priorities? How do you measure the effectiveness of your current approach towards learning and development? Where and how can content be delivered in a more impactful way? These are some of the questions we will ask to help define a strategy that helps to drive changes in thinking, performance and behaviour across your organisation.  If your content is considered boring or complex, learners will find it hard to retain information. Whether you are a trainer, manager, senior exec or company founder, storytelling can help you improve learning outcomes. 

By incorporating stories into your training modules, you can help to make complex concepts memorable, accessible and relatable. Stories can be factual or fictional, told in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd person, personal or professional, simple or complex. It all depends on how you want the viewer to benefit from the experience and the emotional connection you want them to take away.

In this video, Dr. Lalith Wijedoru, one of our workshop facilitators explores how sharing personal stories not only makes candidates more attractive to employers but also ensures a better workplace fit — a key factor in employee satisfaction and retention.

Why Storytelling?

Stories have the potential to engage the heart and mind simultaneously, connecting the left and the right parts of the brain. Interactive stories allow you to create a self-directed viewing experience, enabling learning at their own pace. Our approach makes learning about complex concepts memorable and enjoyable, creating vibrant, supportive, engaging learning environments for every member of your team.

Interactive Narratives

We create fully-interactive, branded video experiences designed to increase engagement, improve on-boarding and streamline education. Demonstrate best practice and show the impact of making different choices. Involve the viewer in decision-making/problem-solving process.

See examples of our interactive stories/content here >

Gamified Learning

The most powerful stories are often contextual. The most impactful learning pathways are personalised. By gamifying the process and placing abstract concepts in real-world scenarios, our approach makes it easier for learners to act on and understand.

Leadership Development

Our neuroscientific approach to creating content for leadership development and training programs means we can create self-sustaining learning ecosystems, which include efficient feedback mechanisms, designed to enable long lasting change.

Our Process

Define goals & develop plan

Phase 1 involves a full audit of what, where and how specific stories can be used as a tool to improve specific learning & training outcomes. What are your most urgent LTD priorities, aligned with the needs, challenges and expectations of your learners?

Creativity & design

We’ll put together a detailed production schedule showing how interactive stories will transform your learning program. Brilliantly creative ideas are ineffective if they don’t deliver the right message, to the right audience, with the right measurement tools in place.

Create Binge Worthy Content

An experienced producer and dedicated learning & development consultant will work with you through each stage of the production process and oversee the integration of interactive elements. Filming will be complete in a studio or on location.

Measurement & feedback

Calls to action at the end of your content/onboarding modules can be integrated to help reinforce learning points/encourage feedback. Video analytics can be used to track engagement levels, interaction rates, number of views and durations.

Leadership Development

The need for leadership development has never been more urgent. Companies of all sizes realise that to survive in today’s volatile and uncertain environment, they need leadership skills different from those that helped them succeed in the past. An approach that's interactive, personalised and more relatable to learners. At PBS, we understand growing a successful organisation relies on the leadership team's ability to execute and communicate their vision and operate strategically on a daily basis. The fast pace of technological innovation often creates a disconnect between the leadership team's current skills and the future needs of the business.

That's where we come in. It can be challenging to identify the exact skills needed, it’s especially difficult to address blind spots internally. Gaps in traditional executive education are creating a need for content and approaches that are more tailored and interactive. We can create content to complement and enhance existing training manuals and materials or that integrates with your LMS. This can be provided with CPD-accredited certification. Interactive stories and experiences are designed to develop a wide range of skills.

Humanising Training Content

We craft stories and produce content that leads to employees feeling seen, heard, valued and understood. Stories can be framed around promoting perseverance, resilience and emotional intelligence. Stories can be brought to life to help develop coping mechanisms and a positive mindset, for example, when facing specific challenges. We work with training providers to ensure programs related to mental health and well-being are a practical resource, offering different types of learners the right level of support or motivation.

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Specific case studies related to improving learning and development outcomes.

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