Narrative Driven Learning,
Training & Development

Great brands are creative and distinctive in every part of their operation; they intricately weave their brand values into stories that emotionally resonate with their target audience



1. Develop and implement a story-driven approach, based on its proven ability     to increase learner participation and retention of information. Highlight the     benefits of using storytelling to make content more relatable, impactful, and     memorable.

3. Integrate interactivity into at least one of your learning programs, making     content feel personalised to individual learners, throughout all levels of your     organisation, including neurodiverse employees.



Research Phase

Content and competitor audit to identify gaps, opportunities and areas that can be improved, from a delivery, learner experience  and content perspective.


Audience Understanding

Develop insights into the learning styles and preferences of your employees.


Multifaceted Story Development

Define a unique framework for crafting authentic, relatable narratives, with a rich array of characters and scenarios that mirror real-world experiences and challenges.


Storyboard Creation

Aligned to a specific learning, training, onboarding or employee well-being related objective, we will work with you to define a particular narrative, develop the script and storyboard and share with you the tools and framework to implement this yourself in future.



We will then produce this film that could evolve into a 6 part series.


Feedback Loop

Establish a mechanism for analysing audience or learner engagement, as well as emotional response to make real-time alterations.


Measuring Outcomes

Depending on the LMS you use, we consider how learners' understanding and progress can be tracked and measured throughout, or at the completion of each module or program.


• Pilot Episode
• Framework for how storytelling can be applied to the L&D function of your     business
• Strategy Blueprint