Implement narratives that highlight the experiences, strengths, and different perspectives of neurodiverse individuals, advocating for an inclusive organisational culture.



1. Establishing a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of diversity,     reducing stigma by educating the broader workforce about the spectrum of     neurodiversity.

2. Exploring the role of storytelling when conveying information to your     neurodiverse employees.

3. Showcase varied experiences and perspectives from different cultures     and abilities.

4. Drive active and continued participation in diversity initiatives through     strategic storytelling, ensuring the delivery of any content leads to measurable     outcomes such as changes in attitudes, understanding or behaviour.



Explore the role of storytelling

Abstract concepts and policies can be made more relatable if brought to life through stories (particularly for those who are neurodiverse). Complex ideas can be distilled into narratives that are easier to remember, especially those related to organisational strategies, values, or changes.


Creating an inclusive environment

Stories about neurodiversity acknowledge and validate the experiences and challenges neurodiverse individuals encounter, fostering a sense of belonging and recognition. We’ll introduce a framework that can be used to identify and capture engaging narratives that encourage empathy and cooperation, throughout all levels of your organisation.


Content planning

We will consider how engagement and retention of information can be enhanced through adding interactivity.


Create narratives

that not only highlight the importance of diversity but outline clear, achievable actions employees can undertake to contribute to a more diverse workplace, influencing culture and day-to-day practices.


Identify stories

Based on actual employees or fictional characters brought to life through actors, that can be captured, created or documented on video, then incorporated into your internal communication platform or plan.


Emotional Impact

we’ll share practical approaches to showcase the impact of your product/services on real customers, highlighting both the tangible benefits and emotional impact.


Leverage interactivity

case studies, interviews, group discussions, day-in-the-life narratives, webinars, animations, VR experiences, interactive sessions can all be utilised to open up a dialogue and depict varied employee journeys, challenges, and successes within the organisation, emphasising the value of diversity.


• Pilot Episode
• Initial Campaign Report & Insights
• Strategy Blueprint