Strategic Internal
Storytelling for
Employee Well-being
& Engagement

Implement narratives that highlight the experiences, strengths, and different perspectives of neurodiverse individuals, advocating for an inclusive organisational culture.



1. Leverage storytelling and implement a framework designed to bring stories     to life that serve to enhance employee engagement, embedding a unified sense     of purpose throughout your organisation.

2.Develop an internal storytelling campaign that prioritises and illustrates     organisational values, framed around a theme such as employee well-being,     mental health, or inclusivity.The campaign could also be used to help achieve a     specific objective, such as reducing employee turnover or improving your     bottom line.



Internal Culture Analysis

Deep-diving into the culture of your organisation, values, and employee perceptions. Identifying narratives within the company that resonate with employees.


Instilling Organisational Values

We will introduce an approach to help provide meaning and purpose to employees through storytelling, allowing you to effectively communicate organisational values, ensuring employees understand and align with the overarching mission. We can also help leaders create and lead with a more human-centred proposition.


Employee Value Proposition

Authentic and grounded in reality, we’ll help you define and bring to life your EVP through a storytelling framework, designed to build more productive, loyal employee relationships, reflecting how employees feel, building an emotional connection to your business.


Applying Narrative Logic

If your EVP needs re-aligning or re-energising, we will apply our unique methodology to ensure it’s understood and owned at all levels of your organisation.


Identify Stories

That articulate your organisational/ brand values, successes, history and future vision.



of at least one film to demonstrate the impact of this approach.


Develop Internal Story-based Initiatives

Integrating stories into internal communications and learning modules, that people within every level of your organisation can benefit from.


Employee Story Circles

Establish frameworks and introduce platforms for employees to share their stories, fostering community and belonging. Evaluate the impact on employee morale, engagement, and retention.


• Pilot Episode
• Initial Campaign Report & Insights
• Strategy Blueprint