'The Dark Web' brought to life in VR

Increasing engagement and retention of information by up to 70%



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Our mandate was to use immersive storytelling to transform the way companies deliver Cybersecurity training. Learn how we brought the 'Dark Web' to life in VR.


Working with a production company called VIVIDA, I secured funding from Lloyds bank to bring our vision to life. We created a series of virtual learning exercises adapted to the bank's training and awareness objectives, considering the risks different departments faced, as well as the company as a whole. Adopting the persona of a 'secret agent', employees were required to complete a series of tasks set inside 'the dark web' within a set time limit. Gamifying learning helped increase retention of information and ensured their continued engagement/appetite for further learning. We went on to adapt aspects of the experiences to suit different organisations' learning and training objectives. ‍


All experiences were accessible through a browser as well as through VR headsets. By making learning fun and engaging, and providing a context around the narrative, we increased engagement and retention of information by up to 70%. Encouraging exploration and discovery is the most effective way to increase engagement towards any learning outcome within an immersive setting. Our work was so well received it resulted in securing funding, support & endorsement from both the National Cybersecurity Centre & GCHQ, the UK’s intelligence & Cybersecurity agency. Further modules were created to help employees understand what to do, and what not to do, in different situations, ie. mitigate cyber breaches when working from home, or in the office.

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