Discover how storytelling can be used to enhance the way your business communicates, internally & externally. Empower your team to unlock your brand's full potential and drive exponential growth.


Discover how storytelling can work for your business

Storytelling is the most powerful way to engage, inspire and move people to action in business. To make the magic happen, our world-class team create and deliver bespoke training programs, workshops and highly engaging interactive learning experiences, customised to overcome specific challenges.

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Our Workshops

Workshop 1: Narrating Inclusivity

Objective: Enhance understanding and appreciation of diverse narratives, encouraging a more inclusive and empathetic workspace.
Session 1: Introduction to Diversity and Inclusive Narratives
Session 2: Building Empathy through Storytelling
Session 3: Hands-On: Crafting and Sharing Diverse Narratives
Session 4: Panel: Real Stories from Diverse Professionals
Outcome: Develop skills to create narratives that honour and celebrate diversity, fostering a culture of inclusivity.

Workshop 2: Leadership Storytelling Workshop

Objective: Equip leaders with storytelling skills that amplify their leadership narrative, exploring the characteristics and skills needed to articulate a need for change, instil confidence and credibility, identifying narratives that inspire trust and motivate teams.
Session 1: Exploring The Role of Storytelling in Leadership Roles 
Session 2: The Impact of Authentic Leadership Narratives Within Your Organisation
Session 3: Unearthing Your Leadership Story
Session 4: Practical Session: Sharing & Receiving Feedback on Leadership Stories
Outcome: Leaders with refined storytelling skills, enhancing their ability to connect, inspire, and lead effectively.

Workshop 3: Empower through Stories: Building Resilient Teams

Objective: Utilise storytelling to bolster team cohesion, resilience, and empowerment by exploring collective strengths and challenges.
Session 1: The Role of Stories in Team Bonding
Session 2: Shared Struggles: Narratives of Resilience
Session 3: Workshop: Creating a Collective Team Story
Session 4: Interactive: Sharing and Reflecting on Team Narratives
Outcome: Strengthening bond within your team, enhancing collective resilience through shared narratives.

Workshop 4: Stories of Well-being: Nurturing healthy Minds and Spirits

Objective: Exploring the role of storytelling to understand and discuss mental well-being, cultivating a supportive work environment.
Session 1: Understanding Mental Well-being through Stories
Session 2: Vulnerability and Strength: Sharing Narratives of Well-being
Session 3: Crafting Your Well-being Story
Session 4: Safe Space: Sharing Stories of Well-being
Outcome: Build a culture that supports mental well-being through understanding, empathy, and shared stories.

Workshop 5: Storytelling for Personal Branding:
Crafting Your Career Narrative

Objective: Guide individuals in shaping and sharing their career narratives for enhanced personal branding and career development.
Session 1: The Power of Personal Stories in Career Development
Session 2: Elements of a Compelling Career Narrative
Session 3: Workshop: Developing Your Personal Career Story
Session 4: Peer Review: Sharing and Refining Personal Narratives
Outcome: Enable individuals to articulate and navigate their career path effectively through well-crafted stories.

Workshop 6: Profitable Narratives: Storytelling for  Sales and Marketing

Objective: Leverage storytelling to become more confident and persuasive, enhance sales and marketing efforts, creating compelling narratives and approaches that resonate with clients and customers.
Session 1: Storytelling in Sales: Building Connection and Trust
Session 2: Crafting Narratives that Resonate in Marketing
Session 3: Workshop: Developing Product/Service Stories
Session 4: Interactive: Pitching and Refining Sales Narratives
Outcome: Equip sales and marketing teams with storytelling skills that enhance customer connection and drive results and improve sales and marketing outcomes