Global Storytelling Initiative: Uniting Voices, Inspiring Futures

Global Storytelling Initiative: Uniting Voices, Inspiring Futures

By facilitating the creation of authentic, value-driven content and providing a platform for global sharing and discussion, this program fosters a sense of interconnectedness and mutual understanding among young people worldwide.

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Powered By Stories are thrilled to announce the initiation of an ambitious, global storytelling initiative. Aimed at empowering young people across the world to capture and craft stories around universal themes such as respect, confidence, empathy and ambition, this initiative seeks to inspire, educate, and foster a global community of young storytellers.

In every corner of human history- from cave drawings to ancient campfires, written/printed stories to todays digital screens, storytelling has been the heartbeat of society. Our mission is to harness storytelling's unique power to bridge cultural divides and inspire a new generation of storytellers allowing all participants to feel valued, seen and heard.

A Call to Unity Through Diversity

As we prepare to bring this vision to life, we extend an open invitation to NGOs, international schools, and global corporates to join us in this exciting journey. Here’s how you can get involved and why this initiative presents a unique opportunity for alignment and mutual benefit.

For NGOs: Amplifying Voices, Driving Impact

NGOs (particularly those focused on education and youth development) can leverage this platform to amplify the voices of the underrepresented, showcasing how universal values manifest in unique cultural contexts, advancing their mission for social change. By integrating our storytelling program into your existing projects, you can offer the young people you support a powerful platform to express their experiences, challenges, and hopes, while developing practical skills that will last them well beyond their academic years. Collaborating with us can enhance your programs’ reach and impact, offering fresh narratives that highlight the importance of your work.

For Schools & Colleges: Enriching Education, Cultivating Global Citizens

Schools around the globe have a pivotal role to play in this initiative. You can offer your students an enriching educational experience that complements the traditional curriculum. By offering students a window into the lives of their international peers, this program promotes global citizenship, empathy, and cross-cultural understanding. Participants will develop essential skills such as critical thinking, empathy, and creative expression, preparing them to be informed, thoughtful global citizens. This program allows international schools to enhance their global profile and attract like-minded parents, educators and students.

For Corporate's: Demonstrating Leadership, Enhancing Brand Image

Corporate sponsors have a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies and initiatives, as well as global leadership. By aligning with values of diversity, innovation, and inclusivity, this program offers extensive branding opportunities and an opportunity to build meaningful connections with consumers. Sponsorship will help us to scale the program’s reach, ensuring young voices from diverse backgrounds can be seen and heard.

Stories could be crafted, documented and shared based on the following values/themes:

Courage - Exploring stories of bravery, whether in overcoming personal fears, standing up for beliefs, or facing or overcoming difficult situations.

- Showcasing the power of appreciating what one has, recognising the contributions of others, and the positive effects of gratitude on communities and individuals.

- Gathering tales that emphasise learning from experiences, the importance of knowledge, and the value of insight in decision-making.

Freedom - Discussing the value of being free, the struggles to achieve and maintain freedom, and what freedom means in different cultural contexts.

Unity - Highlighting stories of community, solidarity, and the strength found in coming together to face common challenges or celebrate shared successes.

Innovation - Celebrating the creative and inventive spirit of individuals and communities who have introduced new ideas and solutions to old problems.

- Exploring the pursuit of harmony, both internally within oneself and externally in relationships with others and between nations.

- Examining the sense of duty towards others, the environment, and future generations, and how individuals and groups take action based on that sense of responsibility.

Justice - Delving into concepts of fairness, equality, and the fight against injustice in various societies.

- Showcasing acts of giving and sharing, not just materially but in kindness, time, and expertise, and the impact these acts have on communities.

Compassion - Focusing on the ability to empathise with others' situations and circumstances and the desire to help alleviate suffering.

- Highlighting the importance of honesty and moral principles in personal and communal life.

Integrating these values offers a rich palette of themes for storytelling, providing lenses through which young people can explore and express their understanding of the world.

This approach not only promotes a deeper sense of global connectedness but also encourages participants to reflect on and embody these values in their own lives, contributing to their personal growth and the betterment of their communities.

This program maybe brought to life in the following ways:

1. Educational Workshops on Universal Values

Conduct Interactive Sessions

We design and deliver in-person and online workshops that educate participants on the pre-selected universal values. Participants craft engaging stories using video capture/video streaming platforms such as

Young people may also participate in the creation of video podcasts, interviewing guest speakers, drawing out insights and examples of how storytelling is used within different cultures, illustrating and referencing different values.

Discussion & Reflection

We host and facilitate group discussions where participants reflect on what each value means to them and share personal experiences or historical examples from their culture that embody these values.

2. Storytelling Skill Development

Storytelling Workshops

We teach storytelling techniques focusing on narrative structure, character development, and the use of emotion to connect with audiences.

Technical Training

We offer basic training in content production, video podcast creation, scriptwriting, and editing to empower participants with the skills needed to document their stories effectively.

3. Story Exploration and Selection

Value-Based Groups

Participants may work together in small groups, on or offline, collaborating with young people from different countries, exploring values where they share a mutual interest and want to explore further.

Idea Generation

Through brainstorming sessions, each group identifies specific stories within their community or personal experience that highlight their chosen value.

4. Story Crafting

Storyboarding & Scriptwriting

Participants will be guided through the process of creating storyboards for their chosen stories, planning how to visually present their message and incorporate specific values into the narratives. We assist in transforming storyboards into scripts, paying attention to dialogue, narration, and cultural differences and interpretation.

5. Production

Role Rotation

By allowing participants to rotate roles (director, interviewer, camera operator, sound technician, editor) across different projects, they will  gain a well-rounded set of production skills.

Real-Time Production

Under the guidance of facilitators, participants produce their stories, capture footage, conduct interviews, and record voiceovers as needed.

6. Post-Production & Review

Editing Workshops

We provide sessions on editing techniques to help participants polish their stories, ensuring they are engaging and coherent. Students will be shown how to integrate software that allows subtitles to be added, in multiple languages.

Feedback Sessions

Conduct review sessions where participants can screen their drafts and receive constructive feedback from peers, facilitators and schools in other countries they have been paid with.

7. Global Sharing & Discussion

Digital Platform

Using a dedicated digital platform where these stories can be presented and shared, we create a opportunity for young people from around the world to view, comment on, and discuss the stories, lessons learned and the values they represent.

Interactive Webinars

We can host live webinars or virtual Q&A sessions where creators can discuss their stories, the values they explored, and their creative process with a global audience.

8. Continuous Engagement

Global Story Challenges

We plan to introduce periodic storytelling challenges or themes to keep participants engaged and continuously producing new content.

Mentorship Program

We are in the process of establishing a mentorship program through which young people can get the support they need. This includes experienced storytellers or professionals in media and filmmaking can guide young creators in refining their storytelling and production skills.

Incorporating these steps ensures that the program not only educates participants on universal values but also equips them with the skills to craft and document stories that resonate with young audiences globally.

Join Us: Create New Connections, Inspire Change

We invite you to be part of this storytelling revolution—a journey to connect hearts, expand minds, and inspire action across the globe. Whether you're an NGO looking to broaden your impact, a school aiming to cultivate a global perspective among students, or a corporation seeking to make a meaningful difference, there's a place for you in this initiative.

Email for more information.

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