Launching A New App, Product or Service? Enhance The Power of Your Stories With Motion Graphics

Launching A New App, Product or Service? Enhance The Power of Your Stories With Motion Graphics

In the crowded app marketplace, capturing attention and standing out is a challenge. Use motion graphics in your content to enhance your message.

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Djordje, otherwise known as 'SwitzyMan' runs one of the biggest copy trading communities in the world. He documented his entire financial journey on YouTube going from a beginner to over £30m. Having studied in the UK and Switzerland he now lives in Dubai and teaches people how to copy his trades and learn how to trade themselves.

In this video, we repurposed the footage by adding motion graphics to capture audience attention.  This YouTube short, along with a series of educational videos were then promoted on social media such as TikTok to his target demographic of aspiring traders.


HeroDevs are an industry leading team of open-source software developers, focused on keeping your software safe and in compliance. We make their social media videos more engaging by adding motion graphics, like this recent example.

HFK- A New App that- 'Turns Chores into Games Your Kids Want to Play'

"Hire & Fire Your Kids" (HFK) positions itself as a revolutionary tool to reduce family friction by gamifying chores.

Combining behavioral science and workplace strategies, HFK transforms mundane tasks into engaging challenges that promote family harmony. Storytelling not only humanises the brand, it also creates emotional connections with users, making the app’s mission resonate deeply with families.

In the video below, we were asked to take the raw footage and add motion graphics to enhance the most important marketing messages.

Founder/entrepreneur Jody Swain explains why she founded 'Hire and Fire your Kids' because "There must be a better way."

Enhanced Mobile Version For Social Media Promotion

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Exploring The Art of Whats Possible Through Storytelling

Here's some ideas on how storytelling can be used to elevate the HFK app and help it gain traction with future customers.

Relatability Through Real-Life Scenarios

  1. Story: Meet Sally, a mother of three who constantly battles with piles of dirty laundry and unmade beds. Despite her best efforts, her husband and kids rarely help, leaving her feeling resentful and overwhelmed. She doesn't like nagging, as she knows it puts a strain on her relationships.
  2. Message: By sharing Sally's story, HFK can highlight the common struggles many parents face, making the app's solution relatable and urgent.

Emotional Connection with the Audience

  1. Story: Dan and Jenny, parents of four, find their family time overshadowed by unresolved tensions and unmet expectations. Their evenings, meant for bonding and relaxation, often turn into battlegrounds over chores.
  2. Message: By narrating how HFK restored peace in Dan and Jenny's home, the app can emotionally engage potential users, demonstrating its value beyond mere task management.

Highlight the Transformation

  1. Story: Sarah's kids were unprepared for real-world responsibilities, often ignoring chores and lacking accountability. After integrating HFK, Emily witnessed a remarkable transformation—her kids started taking initiative, completing tasks, and even competing for rewards.
  2. Message: Showing this transformation underscores the app’s impact, convincing other parents that HFK can bring about significant positive changes in their households.

Showcasing User Testimonials

  1. Story: Maureen, a single mother, shares her testimonial about how HFK turned her household from chaotic to organised. Her kids now eagerly participate in chores, and the family enjoys more harmonious time together.
  2. Message: Real user stories add authenticity to the brand narrative, making it more convincing for new users considering the app.

Potential Marketing Strategies for HFK

  1. Use Multiple Formats
    Blog Posts: Detailed stories that delve into specific user experiences and transformations.
    Social Media
    : Bite-sized, impactful stories with visuals that capture attention quickly.
    : Short clips showing before-and-after scenarios, interviews with happy families, and live demos of the app in action.
  2. Engage with Your Audience
    Interactive Content: Create polls, live demos and Q&A sessions to engage users directly and gather their stories.
    User-Generated Content
    : Encourage users to share their HFK success stories, offering incentives for the best submissions.
  3. Consistency in Messaging
    Ensure that all storytelling efforts consistently highlight the core benefits of the app: reducing family friction, promoting harmony, and preparing kids for real-world responsibilities.

Build a Community Around Your Brand

Attempts to tell stories should consistently highlight the core benefits of the app: reducing family friction, promoting harmony, and preparing kids for real-world responsibilities.

Creating a community of engaged users who share their experiences can significantly amplify brand awareness. This community can be fostered through:

  • Dedicated Forums: A space for users to success stories, tips and advice
  • Regular Updates: Keep the community informed about new features and partnerships, exclusive offers, user stories, and upcoming events.
  • Rewards and Recognition: Highlighting active community members and sharing their stories on the brand’s platform.


Storytelling is a powerful tool that can elevate an app from offering a basic function something that engages people to support and get behind the cause.  In HFK's case, the mission is to bring families together. By sharing relatable, emotional, and transformational stories, marketers can connect with their audience on a deeper level, driving growth through fostering a sense of loyalty.

As parents see the real-life impact of HFK's app, they’ll be more inclined to join the community and share their own stories, further expanding its reach and influence.

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