How Bars and Restaurants Can Use Storytelling to Connect With Customers

How Bars and Restaurants Can Use Storytelling to Connect With Customers

In the world of bars and restaurants, where every customer visit has the potential to be an unforgettable experience, storytelling is not just marketing; it’s an essential ingredient in creating a memorable brand.

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In the competitive world of hospitality, bars and restaurants are constantly seeking innovative ways to attract and retain customers as well as staff. One of the most effective strategies is through compelling storytelling, where each piece of content transcends typical approaches to marketing and advertising.  

By setting the scene and introducing engaging characters—be they employees, founders, influencers, regular customers— bars and restaurants can create a narrative audiences resonate with on a deeper level.

Content Production for Bars & Restaurants

We produce long and short form content for bars, restaurants and live event promoters throughout London, such as this 30 second edit for Soul Street, based in SE London.

The Power of Narrative in Hospitality

Storytelling transforms a simple visit to a bar or restaurant into an experience. When customers learn the bartender's backstory, the origin of a signature dish, or the history of the establishment, they feel a deeper connection.

This narrative approach doesn't just share what is being offered—it tells why it matters.

Long vs. Short Form

Short Form Content

Ideal for capturing attention quickly, short-form videos (10 to 30 seconds) are perfect for social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube shorts, Facebook Stories and Snapchat. These snippets can highlight daily specials, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or customer testimonials. They are designed to be consumed on the go, often watched on smartphones, where vertical content dominates due to the natural way we hold our devices.

Best suited for mobile viewers, vertical format fills the screen of a smartphone perfectly, making it ideal for viewers scrolling through feeds on social media. This format is crucial for grabbing the attention of younger demographics who predominantly use their phones for media consumption.

At present, YouTube doesn't offer a direct embedding option for Shorts, but we've uploaded this example here for demo purposes.

Long Form Content

More detailed and episodic in style, long-form content allows for deeper storytelling. This could be a mini-documentary about the sourcing of ingredients, a day in the life of a chef, or the journey of the restaurant over the years. Long-form content suits platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or the restaurant’s website, where viewers are more likely to spend extended periods watching from tablets or desktop computers. Landscape format works best here, taking full advantage of the wider screens.

Landscape Clips

Traditional and cinematic, landscape clips are perfect for storytelling that requires a broader view. This format is ideal for sharing on YouTube or embedded in websites where the experience can be more immersive. Landscape videos are particularly effective for content that is consumed on larger screens, such as laptops or televisions, where detail and composition can be appreciated in full.

Ready to Bring Your Bar or Restaurant's Story to Life—and Attract Top Talent?

Staff turnover is a challenge for the hospitality industry. According to stats from Deputy data, the staff turnover rate in the industry is at 30% (double the UK average). Furthermore, a recent YouGov survey outlined 42% of hospitality staff leave their job within the first 30 days.

Therefore attracting the right team is crucial to delivering an exceptional experience. At Powered By Stories, we understand that the heart of your business is your people. That’s why our storytelling doesn't just captivate customers; it also showcases your culture and values to prospective employees.

Through authentic storytelling, we highlight what makes your restaurant or bar a great place to work, allowing prospective employees to see your commitment to employee development, the camaraderie among staff, and their passion for providing outstanding customer service.

When candidates see stories of current employees thriving, being valued, and building careers, they are more likely to envision themselves in those roles. It attracts applicants who share your values and believe in what you stand for, ensuring a good fit.

In a sea of job listings, a compelling story about your brand’s mission and the people behind it can make your opportunity stand out. This draws in candidates who are not just looking for a job, but for a place to contribute and grow.

Implementing Storytelling in Your Marketing Strategy

Bars and restaurants owners can start by identifying the unique elements of their establishment that can be woven into a narrative. Is there a special recipe passed down through generations? A bartender who crafts unique cocktails? Or perhaps a theme night that has a story behind it?

From there, decide the format that best suits the story and the platform it will be shared on.


  • Use short-form, vertical videos for quick, compelling stories that add a personal touch to your social media feeds.
  • Opt for long-form, landscape videos for detailed storytelling that engages viewers on your website or video platforms.

By integrating these narrative techniques into your marketing strategy, your establishment will not just be a place to dine or drink but a destination filled with stories waiting to be discovered and shared.

Ready to Bring Your Bar or Restaurant's Story to Life?

Don’t just serve drinks and meals, serve experiences, and bring them to life on film for audiences to enjoy, aspire to or resonate with.

Powered By Stories specialise in crafting narratives that capture the essence of your brand. Whether it’s through a quick social media snippet or an in-depth documentary about your establishment, our team is here to help you tell your story effectively.

Email to start your storytelling journey and transform how the world sees your business.

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