How to Engage the Emotions of Your Audience

How to Engage the Emotions of Your Audience

Engaging the emotions of your audience is key to delivering a compelling message, whether you're a trainer, marketer, CEO, filmmaker or thought leader

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How to Engage the Emotions of Your Audience

Robert McKee is widely regarded as one of the world's most sought after creative writing lecturers. Dedicating the last 30 years to educating and mentoring screenwriters, documentary filmmakers, poets, Hollywood producers and directors, McKee is referred to by those he taught as the “the Aristotle of our time” because of his insight into the principles, structure, substance and style of the grand art of story.

Former students include over 70 Academy Award Winners, over 200 Emmy Award Winners, and thousands of Award Nominees. His teachings have spread beyond the screen, stage and page having had considerable influence in the world of corporate storytelling.

In this video, Robert talks about the importance of creating empathy, positive connections and emotions with with an audience in order to change their mindset and perception towards your message or brand.

Big Think Interview With Robert McKee

In this video, one of Mckee's most popular on YouTube, Robert explores the differences between screenwriting and other types of fiction writing, and the most common mistakes novice screenwriters make. If you're new to scriptwriting and have ideas on how scripted content could be used to bring stories related to your business alive, we hope Robert's inspiration provides some valuable insight.

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