Interactive Learning Customer Service Training Videos

Interactive Learning Customer Service Training Videos

Allow your viewers to become the central character in the unfolding narrative of your video content. By crafting stories as interactive journeys, you empower the viewer by allowing them to guide the story.

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Add hotspots to provide more resources or information

Hotspots are clickable points that can be added anywhere in your video. You can use them to provide additional information, reference materials, or deeper explanations without disrupting the story or delivery of the presentation.

For example, with hotspots, you can:

  • Include a link to an external resource page for further reading.
  • Embed additional videos where viewers can learn more about specific concepts.
  • Highlight keywords to link to a glossary.
  • Embed quizzes to test learners’ understanding.
  • Include a link to relevant additional content or a downloadable PDF.

This customer service training video, for example, is all about identifying and dealing with customer service red flags. Viewers can tap 'hotspot icons' to learn more about characters and explore different scenarios.

Make the viewer a key character in the story

This approach shifts the viewer from a passive observer to an active participant, directly influencing key outcomes and decisions. At critical decision points within the video, integrate interactive elements that allow viewers to determine the course of action for the protagonist—who might be represented by a character, a product, or even the company itself.

For instance, imagine an onboarding video where the viewer is invited to steer the decisions of a new employee faced with typical workplace challenges. They might choose the most effective communication strategies, prioritise tasks, or solve common workplace issues. Through these choices, viewers not only engage deeply with the content but also shape the narrative arc of the story, directly impacting its resolution and success.

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