Introducing Dr. Lalith Wijedoru: A Visionary in Storytelling and Wellbeing

Introducing Dr. Lalith Wijedoru: A Visionary in Storytelling and Wellbeing

Our collaboration with Dr. Wijedoru is designed to unlock the full potential of storytelling within your organisation.

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When we consider how narratives play a role in shaping our personal and professional lives, the power of storytelling stands unrivaled in its ability to connect, transform, and inspire.

Matt Castle, the storyteller behind Powered By Stories is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Dr. Lalith Wijedoru. Lalith is a distinguished consultant, whose remarkable journey from a senior pediatrician to an award-winning storytelling facilitator and wellbeing consultant.

From our first meeting, we quickly found out our visions and missions were seamlessly aligned.

Lalith and Matt met in September 2023 and have been working on several projects together since.

Dr Wijedoru has played an instrumental role in developing modules and resources associated with our Video podcast creation programs for young people. Learn more here.

Coupled with his expertise in emotional wellbeing and storytelling, Lalith offers a unique perspective that enriches our commitment to revolutionising brand communication. His work underscores the importance of authentic storytelling in fostering social connection and creating a sense of empowerment - in both individuals as well as organisations.

Why Storytelling with Lalith Wijedoru Aligns with Powered By Stories

Dr Wijedoru brings a wealth of experience that resonates with the challenges many organisations face today:

  • Employee Wellbeing
    In an era where employee burnout and mental health issues are prevalent, Lalith's approach to using storytelling as a tool for emotional wellbeing can help create healthier, more resilient workplaces.
  • Navigating Transition
    For organisations undergoing change or facing crises, Lalith's expertise in crafting narratives can guide teams through uncertainty, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.
  • Enhancing Engagement
    His ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary is crucial in an age where audiences crave meaningful, engaging content, whether it's for education, entertainment, or engagement.
  • Public Speaking & Event Hosting
    Lalith's charismatic presence and insightful commentary elevate events, making complex topics accessible and enjoyable for all audiences.

The Impact of Collaborating with Dr Wijedoru

Our collaboration with Lalith is designed to unlock the full potential of storytelling within your organisation or education provision.

Whether it's through:

  • Team Building Workshops
    Crafting and sharing stories in safe, reflective spaces to strengthen team bonds.

  • Leadership Development
    Using personal narratives to enhance leadership skills and emotional intelligence.

  • Public Speaking Engagements
    Captivating audiences with powerful narratives at conferences, away-days, and private events.

  • Brand Storytelling
    Aligning your brand's mission with compelling stories that resonate with your audience. Together, we'll write the next chapter in your organisation's journey, brought to life through stories that create a lasting impact and impression.

  • Programs to Empower Young People
    Dr Wijedoru works with us to develop programs for schools, colleges and organisations dedicated to unleashing creativity within, and creating new opportunities for, young people.

A Call to Action

We invite you to explore the transformative power of storytelling with Lalith Wijedoru and Powered By Stories.

Discover how our storytelling expertise, combined with Dr Wijedoru unique approach, can elevate your internal and external communications, drive engagement, and inspire change. We'll craft a narrative that not only conveys your brand's purpose but also fosters a culture of empathy, innovation, and resilience - or whatever values that define your brand.

Everyone has a story to tell. Let's make yours unforgettable.

For more information on how to collaborate with Dr Wijedoru and Powered By Stories, contact us today.

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