Powered By Stories female interviewers & presenters

Powered By Stories female interviewers & presenters

Powered By Stories work with a roster of over 50 talented actresses, presenters and interviewers. Here are some of the most popular.

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AJ - Award-Winning Actress and Model

AJ is known for her captivating performances on-screen, with a career that spans major feature films, independent projects, and notable commercial work. AJ's portfolio is a testament to her versatility and dedication to her craft.

AJ's crowning achievement in her acting career was when she clinched the Best Actress award for her compelling portrayal in the short film 'Trafficking'. This role not only showcased her talent but also her ability to dive deep into complex characters, bringing them to life with authenticity and emotion.

AJ has graced the screen in various capacities, playing a con woman in a BBC production, heartfelt commercials portraying the quintessential 'mum' in family-centric adverts to lead roles in independent feature films. Her recent work includes a gripping performance as a love rat's girlfriend in a new series for Channel 5, further solidifying her range as an actress.

Emily - Actor, Presenter and Theatre Enthusiast

Emily stands out as a seasoned professional in the realm of acting and presenting, with an impressive 20-year career that spans television, film, commercial, theatre and radio. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her diverse body of work, and her dynamic range has seen her recently take on a guest lead role with the BBC, in addition to her involvement in numerous commercial projects.

Expertise in Presenting: With 12 years of experience in live studio environments for major networks such as SKY, CH5, and ITV, Emily has cemented her reputation as a professional presenter. Theatre credits include performances at The Royal National Theatre and The Soho Theatre in London, as well as the Harbourfront in Toronto, Canada. Emily's proficiency in talk back, auto-cue, green screen, on-location, and live presenting, alongside her experience in children's presenting and radio, showcases her adaptability and skill in connecting with diverse audiences. Emily's acting/presenting reel can be viewed here.

Melissa- Experienced Content Creator, Actor, Presenter & Voice Artist

Melissa is a dynamic force in the world of media, with an impressive array of skills that span across content creation, acting, presenting. Trained at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy, Melissa's expertise shines in both on-screen experiences and behind-the-scenes production. Her portfolio boasts an extensive range of projects, from presenting for The Daily Mail's 'Mail Plus Trivia Live' show to engaging audiences on 'The Chase Interactive' livestream for ITV. She also played a comedic role alongside Ed Sheeran in the music video for "Antisocial," which has amassed over 70 million views.

Versatile Presenter: Melissa is a master at delivering content across various domains, including trivia, lifestyle, beauty, entertainment, business, and finance. Her ability to tackle technical scripts with ease makes her an invaluable asset to corporate film productions.

Melissa is more than just a content creator; she is a versatile artist dedicated to bringing stories to life. Eager to collaborate on new ventures, Melissa invites you to reach out and envision the extraordinary together.

JJ Bray - Versatile Commercial/Fitness Model, Actress & Makeup Artist

Welcome to the vibrant world of JJ, a dedicated and versatile professional whose repertoire spans a broad spectrum of genres, including commercial, fitness and e-commerce. JJ has a dynamic presence, having carved a niche for herself in the highly competitive modelling industry, consistently delivering performances and visuals that resonate with audiences and brands alike.

JJ's talents extend beyond the camera lens to acting and promotional work, where she brings her charisma and professionalism to various roles and campaigns. Her work in Asian bridal modelling speaks to her versatility, while her participation in mother and baby shoots highlights her ability to connect and communicate warmth and authenticity. JJ's journey and portfolio can be explored through her Instagram @iamjjbray, where she shares glimpses of her work, behind-the-scenes moments, and her life as a model and makeup artist.

Cher - London-Based Presenter & Interviewer

Performing Arts graduate Cher has 7+ years experience in fashion, film, TV. Cher's journey in front of the camera has seen her associated with iconic brands and franchises such as Marvel, as well as leading companies like Paddy Power, Ford, PayPal, and Primark. Her work with MAC, Sky TV, Stylist Magazine, and Peloton showcases her adaptability and skill in engaging diverse audiences. Cher’s presence on Bollywood TV, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, E4, MTV, and Loose Women highlights her vast experience in television, making her a familiar face across various genres and formats.

Amy Graham Actor, Presenter, Model & UGC Creator

A multifaceted talent in acting, presenting, modeling, and User-Generated Content (UGC) creation, Amy brings a unique blend of professionalism, creativity, and technical savvy, making her the perfect fit for a wide range of projects. From her home studio, equipped with a two-camera setup, ring light, and microphone, Amy produces high-quality content that captivates and engages audiences.

Amy's career highlights include lead roles in films and commercials, demonstrating her range and ability to bring characters to life with authenticity and depth. As a model, her experience spans various projects, where her presence and professionalism shine. Amy's skills as a presenter are backed by a natural flair for communication, making her an engaging and relatable figure on any platform.

Amy is not just an actor, presenter, or model; she is a dedicated creator ready to bring her distinctive blend of skills and passion to your next project.

Alison - UGC Content Creator, Social Media Influencer & Actress

Social Media Phenomenon:
Alison is a dynamic force in the digital and entertainment world, blending her talents as a UGC content creator with an impressive acting career. With a vibrant social media presence that captivates over 120,000 followers on Instagram, 120,000 on TikTok, and 5,000 subscribers on YouTube, Alison has established herself as a major influencer and a trusted voice within the online community.

Known for her engaging content and genuine connection with her audience, Alison has mastered the art of digital storytelling. Her platforms showcase a blend of lifestyle, behind-the-scenes glimpses of her acting projects, and unique content that resonates with a wide audience. Follow her journey on TikTok and Instagram - @alisoneager to dive into her world of creativity and inspiration.

Alison's passion and talent extend to the silver screen and beyond. She has graced recent feature films with significant roles, including appearances in Disney's "Snow White," Netflix's "The Witcher," HBO's "The Regime," and Marvel's "The Marvels," showcasing her range and adaptability as an actress. Her experience is not just limited to films; she has also made her mark in music videos and live concerts, working with renowned artists like Sam Smith in "One Last Song" and contributing to the success of Take That's reunion tour.

Open to new opportunities and collaborations, Alison continues to explore new horizons in presenting and content creation. For partnerships, collaborations, or to simply follow her captivating journey, Alison welcomes you to connect with her across her social media platforms.

Zee - Dynamic and Versatile Actor, Model & Presenter

With a unique look and a vibrant personality, Zee embraces creative challenges. Her journey in the performing arts began at an early age, following completing a BTEC in Performing Arts in 2008. This passion has since become the cornerstone of a career marked by diversity, creativity, and a constant quest for growth.

Zee’s acting repertoire extends across commercials, music videos, voice-over work, and Theatre in Education (T.I.E.), demonstrating not just a breadth of experience but also an adaptability to various mediums and audiences.

Zee has appeared in commercials for HayU, as a model for Curry's, and enjoys bringing depth to characters in narrative settings, like playing the lead's girlfriend in the crime comedy "Three Dots and A Dash." Each role has been a stepping stone, further cementing her love for the art of storytelling, whether in front of a camera or on a stage.

A dedication to fitness and weight training speaks to her discipline and commitment, while her ease with children and love for animals showcases a softer, compassionate side. Dancing and improvisation highlight an artistic agility, allowing her to move seamlessly between genres and styles.

Jade - Actor, Presenter, Yoga Teacher & VO Artist

Meet Jade, a vibrant and multi-talented professional known for her versatility and dynamic presence both on and off screen. Not just an actress and presenter; Jade is also a skilled voice-over artist, a certified yoga teacher, and a pun master with a quick wit that lights up any room.

Hosting and Presenting: Jade recently captivated an audience of over 2,000 at a prestigious event for Cancer Research, showcasing her ability to connect and communicate with people on a large scale. Her presenting portfolio is diverse, including work for Angel Care Home, various wellness platforms, and marketing campaigns, proving her adaptability and charm across different mediums. She has also lent her voice to major brands such as LNDR, the hotel brand HOO, Logitech, and WhatsApp Business, bringing her distinctive tone and professionalism to a global audience.

Fitness and Wellness Advocacy: As a passionate advocate for health and wellness, Jade has partnered with notable campaigns such as Watt Bike, Premier League, WUKA for women, The Gym Group, and Maximo Fitness 2020. Her commitment to fitness and wellness is further exemplified through her dedicated yoga practice, which she shares with her followers on her yoga-focused Instagram, @yoganaflow.

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