Revolutionising The Antique Buying Experience with Interactive Video Content

Revolutionising The Antique Buying Experience with Interactive Video Content

The ability to add interactive overlays to your videos creates an immersive experience for viewers, allowing them to not just watch, but interact with

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How Can Antique Dealers Benefit From Interactive Video? 

Interactive video is reshaping the way consumers engage with brands online, and can serve multiple purposes. It can help to enhance the credibility of your dealership and the item in question, building deeper trust with new and existing clients. By allowing viewers to unravel the story behind each piece, they will inevitably increase their desire and deepen their appreciation.

Proven to capture and maintain viewers' attention longer than traditional video, interactive features allow for a more personalised, enjoyable and user-driven experience, increasing the likelihood of viewers making a purchase. 

This example featuring Jamie Oliver is not directly related - but you will see the potential for multiple items being featured per video, drumming up viewer appetite and encouraging them to pre-register their interest.

Here are some of the ways antique dealers can benefit from incorporating interactive features into their video content:

Elevate Engagement

Direct calls-to-action, such as 'Learn More', ‘Buy Now’ & 'Add to Cart' buttons, can lead viewers straight to product pages, making the transition from viewing to purchasing seamless. Designed to make the viewing experience more enriching and educational, Interactive overlays encourage viewers to take action, and learn more about:

  • an item's backstory/story of origin 
  • information about, or even short interviews with, creators, artists or manufacturers
  • points of interest, or interesting anecdotes related to each piece
  • additional information, such as guide price, product specifications, customer reviews, or even tutorials

or to view:

  • authentication certificates 
  • text translation or voiceover in other languages (if selling to a global audience)
  • expert reviews or provenance details, enhancing the credibility of your dealership
  • intricate details. Zoom in, rotate to see from various angles (particularly beneficial for international clients who may not have the chance to view the item in person). Alleviate concerns about unseen flaws or hidden details

or to access:

  • information about similar items available
  • downloadable brochures, digital catalogs, or links to additional content 
  • links to 'ask an expert' a specific question, or access a selection of FAQ's
  • options to share the video or specific highlighted antiques, via email or directly to their social media platforms

Expand Your Reach

No longer limited by the physical space your dealership occupies, allow antique enthusiasts from around the world to learn more about your collection by viewing your videos on your website or social media channels, leading to greater organic reach, especially by adding elements that are unique or engaging.

Highlight Other Services

Showcase the expertise of your team, their dedication to their work and care they take in looking after antiques at each stage of their journey. If you offer a restoration service, adding an interactive overlay can allow visitors to learn more about your process, further building confidence in your capabilities.

Data-Driven Insights

Gather insights on your audience like never before. Monitor which items gain the most interactions, see where users are most engaged, track the average viewing time. Use information about their behaviour and preferences to guide your future buying decisions and marketing strategies. To learn more about how viewer data can be measured & tracked, view this recent video/ post.

Mobile-Friendly Optimisation

Our videos are accessible on any internet enabled device. Whether they're on a desktop at home or a mobile device on-the-go, clients of your dealership can engage, learn, and participate seamlessly.

Reduce Content Fatigue

Instead of creating multiple videos for different collections or items, dealerships can incorporate everything into a single interactive video (perhaps one a month) reducing the risk of overwhelming or the audience or loosing their interest.

Strengthen Your Brand

Set your dealership apart by building trust and transparency. Embrace the latest in technology by providing an unmatched viewing experience.

Don't just sell antiques, tell their stories.

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