Capturing Employee Stories Aligned With Your Company Values

Capturing Employee Stories Aligned With Your Company Values

This package has been crafted to support your marketing, recruitment, employee learning & engagement strategies through authentic storytelling.

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Capturing stories from your employees is a powerful way to encapsulate and broadcast the values and causes that define your company. It's not just about what your company does; it's about the world your company is striving to create.

Powered By Stories Corporate Storytelling Package

Powered By Stories offers a unique package designed to capture and broadcast the powerful personal stories of your employees. These narratives, grounded in the experiences and values of your team, serve to engage, connect and inspire, both internally within the company and externally with customers as well as future hires.

Insights from Simon Sinek - How Should a Company Share It's Values?

To help give this blog post some context, in this video, best selling author of Start With Why, Simon Sinek, talks about the importance of articulating values like that explain not what our company does - but the world our company is trying to help build.

Package Features:

  • 1. Story Discovery Workshop

* An interactive session with award winning storytelling and wellbeing expert Dr Lalith Wijedoru. Our process goes beyond 'listing values' to defining actionable values that guide behaviour and decision-making. For example, by articulating values like “Always tell the truth” instead of broad terms like “Honesty,” will help ensure these values become a part of the day-to-day experience of your employees.

* We introduce techniques to help participants articulate stories that align to different values, that listeners/viewers will find engaging and authentic.

  • 2. Professional Storytelling Coaching

* Personal coaching for selected storytellers that draws on Simon's teachings to help storytellers find and articulate their WHY, connecting personal narratives to the larger cause and values of the company.

* Emphasis on creating a psychologically safe space, ensuring storytellers feel supported and valued.

  • 3. Videography & Production

* Professional recording of stories by our videography team, led by experts like Matt Castle, ensuring high-quality visual and audio capture.

* Options to include personal photographs, relevant imagery, motion graphics and animations to complement and enrich the storytelling experience, making each narrative a unique piece of the larger mosaic of your company’s vision.

  • 4. Content Distribution

* Development of a tailored distribution plan for the recorded stories to amplify their impact, whether for internal morale boosting, recruitment, or showcasing your company culture as part of a marketing campaign.

* Options for internal sharing will be inspired by Simon’s approach to leadership, aiming to create more connections, highlighting company culture and fostering a community of motivated individuals.

  • 5. Story Integration Consultation

* Guidance on how to integrate these stories into all facets of your business, from training and development programs that embody your values to marketing materials that communicate your cause to the world.

* Best practices for using storytelling to enhance company communications, internally and externally. echoing Simon’s methodology to not only lead, but to inspire.

  • 6. Feedback & Impact Assessment

* Tools and methodologies to capture feedback from both storytellers and audience members, ensuring the storytelling initiative achieves its desired impact.

* Continuous evaluation and adaptation of the storytelling program. Inspired by the concept of the Infinite Game, we will work with you to sustain and evolve your companies narrative and impact - while identifying new storytelling opportunities.


Inspired by Simon’s vision of a world where everyone is inspired to contribute to the greater good, our package aims to capture the essence of your company’s values and cause through the powerful medium of storytelling.

Powered By Stories is dedicated to helping your company articulate and share the narratives that not only define but drive your mission forward.

Simon Sinek Explores Why Stories Matter

Storytelling is an essential skill for every great communicator or leader. Stories allow us to visualise, empathise and connect in ways that statistics never could. Simon is the author of multiple best-selling books including Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, Together is Better, and The Infinite Game.

Program Benefits:

  • Enhanced Company Culture: Our approach helps build a culture of openness, trust, and connection through shared personal stories.
  • Marketing & Branding: Differentiate your brand by showcasing the authentic experiences and values of your employees.
  • Recruitment Appeal: Attracting potential employees by highlighting authentic stories from actual employees that resonate with their values and aspirations.
  • Learning & Development: Utilising stories as powerful tools for training and development, illustrating key lessons and values in memorable ways.
  • Employee Engagement: Increasing engagement by giving employees a platform to share their stories, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Company example: Sonardyne - Underwater Technology & Engineering Services

This initiative is more than a package; it's a partnership in building a future where every employee feels a profound connection to their work and the future success of your organisation.

Let’s collaborate to share the stories that will shape a brighter, more inspired future for everyone. Email us at

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