'Career Pathways' - Video Podcast Program for Schools and Colleges

'Career Pathways' - Video Podcast Program for Schools and Colleges

By identifying and capturing career journeys and inspiring stories on film, students will be empowered to take their first, confident steps toward their aspirations.

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‘Career Pathways’ is an innovative program designed to bridge the gap between generations and professions by leveraging the power of storytelling. This program aims to inspire, educate, and guide young people considering their options after GCSE’s/A Levels - offering them a compass to navigate their future with curiosity and confidence.

Bridging Generations & Professions

By inviting alumni, parents, grandparents, and distinguished members of the local community to share their unique career journeys, this initiative transcends traditional career guidance. It transforms it into an engaging, multifaceted exploration of possibilities that lie beyond the classroom walls.

The core of the "Career Pathways" program lies in its authentic stories

Inspired By Real Stories

Narratives detailing challenges overcome, opportunities seized, and pivotal moments that shaped professional lives, offer students not only insights into varied career landscapes- but also invaluable lessons in resilience, determination, problem solving, and communication skills. Young people will be inspired to succeed as they learn how it can be pursued and attained.

Delivered over 6 - 12 half or full day sessions, this program involves participants identifying their interests before being guided on how to select alumni, parents/grandparents, or local community members based on their career goals. They will then be coached on how to research them and prepare for interviews, once they have agreed to take part.

The next phase introduces training on the principles of telling a compelling story along with interview techniques on how to craft compelling narratives. Students will be shown examples of impactful career stories to inspire and motivate, given training on how to conduct an effective interview, including question formulation, listening skills, and engaging the interviewee.

Pre-production Workshops

Workshops involving planning the logistics of filming will also involve an introduction to equipment, scheduling, creating storyboards and scripts based on the guest’s career journey. When guests have been selected, research completed and interview questions agreed, students will be supported and supervised by program coordinators and technical staff.

Depending on how your program is put together and the technical capabilities of your students, editing workshops may be delivered, where aspiring filmmakers learn to edit their footage, select key moments and narratives to feature in the final video. They will be given instruction on how to add subtitles, transitions, and other post-production elements.

Showcase & Reflection

Career Pathways Showcase. A screening event where students present their finished video podcasts to peers, teaching staff, guests, family members and future employers may conclude the program. Discussion and Q&A sessions with guests about their career journeys and experiences take place at the final stage, allowing reflection and feedback for students to share their learning experiences, challenges faced, and insights gained.

Feedback from coordinators, guests, and peers will be given to celebrate achievements and suggest improvements for future iterations.

Engaging the Future

One of the most striking aspects of "Career Pathways" is its potential to deeply engage young people with their future aspirations. In a format that reflects their media consumption habits, this program does more than inform; it inspires and leaves a lasting impression. By encouraging students to envision their futures with a new lens (one that acknowledges their unique talents and interests) it introduces them to real-world opportunities.

From Inspiration to Action

"Career Pathways" doesn't stop at inspiration. It equips students with the tools to turn their newfound insights into action. Through hands-on workshops in storytelling, interviewing, and video production, participants gain not only a deeper understanding of potential career paths but also valuable skills that are increasingly essential in today's digital world.

A Community Effort

At its heart, "Career Pathways" is a community effort. It relies on the collective wisdom of those who've navigated their own career journeys and are willing to shine a light for others. This altruistic approach not only enriches the program's content but strengthens the bond between schools, local communities and the business/corporate world, creating a network of support for students as they embark on their career explorations.

Podcast creation takes place in our Bromley based studio with adjacent classrooms & filming areas - we can accommodate up to 30 young people per session.

The Vision Forward

As "Career Pathways" unfolds, its vision is clear: to empower students with the knowledge, inspiration, and skills to chart their futures confidently. In doing so, it promises not just to shape individual destinies but to influence the broader narrative around education and career planning in our communities.

We invite you to join us in this transformative journey—a journey where every story shared becomes a stepping stone for a student in pursuit of their dreams. Together, let's turn aspirations into actions and possibilities into paths well-travelled.

Future Of Work: Challenges Facing Young People

Research into how young people feel about the future of work highlights some of the challenges employers face when it comes to attracting and retaining young talent. In a 2022 research report published by Career Ready and Totaljobs, 1,000 young people aged 16-18 were interviewed. 48% 16-18 year olds believe they received a lack of useful careers advice at school.

Young people said the thing they value most is classroom-based lessons on employment and careers (92.9%). 

In a study by Skills development Scotland, Almost 50% of Scotland’s school leavers cite a lack of confidence as a barrier preventing them from making progress in their chosen career. This is a particular issue for disabled people and young careers.

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"Career Pathways" stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in shaping young lives and futures. By capturing and sharing the diverse experiences of those within our communities, we not only broaden the horizons of our students but also empower them to take the first confident steps toward their aspirations.

This program is more than an initiative; it's a movement toward a future where every student is equipped to navigate their path with wisdom, courage, and an inspired heart.

Email contact@poweredbystories.co.uk to arrange a discussion about how this program can be adapted to your school, your organisation or your young people's specific requirements.

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