Video Podcast Production for young people aged 8-18

Video Podcast Production for young people aged 8-18

Learn how schools are leveraging the power of video podcasts- transforming their approach to teaching and engaging young people.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of education, providers are continually seeking new ways to embrace technology, improve learning outcomes and enhance the learning experience for young people. They also want to communicate the impact of their work and share their most positive stories with the wider community.

Teachers are discovering that video podcasts offer a new opportunity for students to express their creativity, promote innovation and new ways of thinking- related to different subjects and issues the next generation consider to be most relevant.

Delivered by (DBS approved) podcast producers & qualified teachers in film production, our programs harness the power of storytelling to create more empathy, respect & a more positive future for everyone.

Our podcast studio and classrooms/additional spaces for filming (located in Bromley) can accommodate up to 30 young people.

This blog post explores how schools can leverage video podcasting to enhance learning experiences, engage the school community, and showcase their achievements.  We deliver programs in schools and alternative education provisions throughtout London, as well as within our Bromley based recording studio.

See examples of our work producing promotional films for schools, colleges and universities, here.

Unleashing Creativity in the Classroom

Video podcast production bridges the gap between traditional teaching methods and the digital world that students navigate daily. Whether it's a science class made more relatable and engaging by inviting a scientist in to share captivating stories and insights about past discoveries, or students interviewing thought leaders, or inspirational people from the local community- the possibilities are truly endless.

Building Skills for the Future

Getting young people to participate in the production of a video podcast doesn't need much encouragement. Our comprehensive programs equip them with a suite of transferable skills that are increasingly important in today's digital world. From planning and scripting, to filming and editing, students gain hands-on experience in content creation. Designed to promote resilience, empathy and enhanced communication skills in young people, our programs encourage deeper engagement in the learning and discovery process.

By assuming roles such as interviewers, directors and producers, students develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills, that will serve them well beyond their school years. Storytelling can be a powerful tool for addressing mental health, building resilience, and fostering emotional well-being among young people.

Typically delivered over 6 or 12 half or full-day sessions, participants will be involved at each stage of the production process, where they will learn how to create, record, brand and promote a successful podcast video series. All of which will be tailored to your curriculum, communication objectives or desired learning outcomes.

Our Programs Focus on 7 Key Themes:

  1. 'Promotional Podcast' - This program involves the creation of content to promote your organisation, school or college, produced by your young people, assisted by our podcast creation team- which includes qualified teachers and award-winning producers.
  2. 'Values In Action' - 'School values' can include confidence, resilience, ambition, empathy, respect and team spirit. This program brings these values to life, in video podcasts focused on inspirational individuals who embody specific principles and characteristics.
  3. 'Career Pathways' - Students learn about different careers by researching and filming podcast interviews with accomplished people from the local community who have achieved varying levels of success, having followed their chosen career path.
  4. 'Expression Through The Arts' - By engaging in experiences within the expressive arts, participants will recognise and represent feelings and emotions. This program brings them face-to-face with different creative people from the local community.
  5. 'Community Building' - Designed to awaken potential to make a meaningful contribution to the local community, this program helps young people become more confident, proactive & empathetic, leading to positive personal and social outcomes.
  6. 'Future Leaders' - By identifying, filming & interviewing inspirational people who become leaders in their community or in business, participants will gain a unique insight into the skills & characteristics necessary to become a successful leader, while developing practical leadership skills.
  7. 'Narrative Battles' - Young people learn how conflict is inherent in different forms of storytelling, such as filmmaking & other forms of media. Through interviewing people who have resolved conflict and developed emotional intelligence, participants draw out stories (related to, for example, personal growth & community building) as they learn from their experiences.

Our programs can be delivered at your premises, your education provision or at our video production suite, based in Bromley, Kent. We also work with other podcasting studios throughout London. Each episode produced typically lasts between 30 - 45 mins and can be hosted on your website and/or social media channels.

We work with a network of neuroscientists, storytelling and well-being consultants who have helped develop our programs- including award winners such as Dr. Lalith Wijedoru, from Behind Your Mask.

Learn more about his work with Powered By Stories here.

See examples of our video production work for schools & colleges, here.

Our approach is proven to enrich students’ educational experience, while preparing them for success in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Enhancing Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills

Encouraging Analysis & Interpretation

Our programs have been designed to provoke critical thinking, requiring students to analyse content, look at complex issues from different perspectives, interpret messages, present their ideas and engage in deeper comprehension, typical in traditional classroom discussions and reading assignments.

Discussion & Reflection

Prior to any filming or pre-production work, students will be invited to discuss podcast topics in class, encouraging the exchange of ideas and reflective thinking.

Each participant will rotate between the following roles:

* Research
* Storyboarding
* Script Writing
* Interviewing/presenting
* Camera operating/sound recording
* Directing 
* Editing/post production 
* Creating a marketing campaign to promote the podcast

Participants will identify people within the local community to be featured, such as:

  • Alumni or university graduates, people who have completed apprenticeships or won awards/ recognition for their work or contribution.
  • Entrepreneurs, leaders in business, local government, local or national charities, or within their local community.

  • People who have overcome obstacles and gone on to achieve varying levels of success - related to predefined criteria or learning outcomes.

Schools are increasingly looking for innovative ways to integrate technology & digital literacy into the curriculum

Measuring Impact & Learning Outcomes

Assessment Strategies

We use a variety of methods to assess students' learning outcomes throughout each stage of the podcast creation process, including quizzes, project evaluations, and reflective essays, mirroring traditional assessment techniques.

Feedback Loops

Feedback is collected from students and educators to continually improve the podcast content and its relevance.

Group Projects

By its nature, the production process fosters collaboration throughout each stage. Our process teaches teamwork, cooperation, and the delegation of tasks and other essential skills related to project management- in both an academic and professional context.

Integration with Curriculum Standards

Alignment with Educational Objectives

Our approach to delivering workshops preceding video podcasts creation aligns with national curriculum standards, reinforcing key learning outcomes in subjects such as English, citizenship, design & technology, social studies, among others.

Supplementary Learning Material

Once post production has been complete, content can be repurposed to serve as supplementary material that complements textbooks and other resources, offering alternative explanations and insights that reinforce traditional learning methods.

Contact us to arrange a visit to our podcast recording studio, based in Bromley, Kent.

Video Podcast Production for Schools - A Summary

Video podcast production represents a new frontier in educational content, offering schools an exciting medium to educate, engage, and express new ideas and creativity. By embracing this technology, schools can create a lasting impact on students and the community, promoting an environment enhanced communication and engaged learners can flourish.

Our balanced approach has been designed to enrich students’ educational experiences while preparing them for success in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Email to arrange a discussion about what's possible for your organisation or initiative dedicated to empowering young people.

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