'Expression through the Arts’ video podcast creation for schools and colleges

 'Expression through the Arts’ video podcast creation for schools and colleges

This program involves young people creating a video podcast interview - based on a local creative/artist

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This program aims to illuminate the journeys of local artists and creative people across a variety of disciplines.

It could be a musician, painter, author, sculptor, poet, carpenter, graphic artist, curator, storyteller or filmmaker. 

We explore:

➢   different ways their subject expresses and applies their talent
  how they developed their skills at a younger age
  challenges they have overcome
  if and how they monetised their craft
  whether pursued their passion as a career or as a hobby…

and/or any other questions aspiring filmmakers/interviewers consider appropriate.  

Participants will explore the role and importance of the arts from a community perspective, from a personal growth POV, while also considering cultural impact and preservation.

Each podcast episode will focus on an individual from a diverse artistic background. They will be invited to share their journeys, addressing how they discovered and developed their talents.

If delivered over 12 sessions, the program will follow a similar plan to that outlined below.

If delivered over 6 sessions, modules will be consolidated. 

We deliver workshops for up to 30 students per session in our recording studio and adjacent classrooms.

Session 1: Introduction to 'Expression through the Arts’

Overview of the program’s objectives and structure. Guidance will be given on how to identify and select local artists who exemplify diverse forms of artistic expression.

Students will be introduced to the basics of video podcasting: including equipment, how to develop a content plan, consider different formats, platforms, how to approach the research process, identify an audience and define a strategy to engage them.

Overview of roles in podcast production will be explored, including: researchers, scriptwriters, interviewers, camera operators, sound engineers, editors, and marketing/promotion teams.

Session 2: Crafting a Personal Creative Project

Students outline a personal creative project that aligns with their artistic interests discovered during the program. In small groups, students will reflect on different stories and art forms, considering which spark their interest. We’ll provide templates and guidance for project planning, including setting milestones and identifying resources that maybe needed.

Students maybe paired with mentors from the local artistic community for guidance and feedback on their project plans.

Session 3: Selecting an Artist

Techniques for conducting preliminary research on potential subjects will be explored. They will craft and send out invitation letters/emails to chosen artists.

As part of the interview Preparation stage, participants will agree between their group, a list of insightful questions that cover the artist's journey, challenges, skill development, and monetisation of their art.

Session 4: Production Skills Workshop

Basics of filming: camera handling, sound recording, and lighting for quality video production.

Session 5: Interview & Filming Techniques

Training on conducting effective interviews. This includes engaging the subject, asking open-ended questions, exceeding audience expectations and managing the conversation flow.

Session 6: Production

Participants rotate between the various roles and conduct the interview with their chosen artist, in the production of their first episode. Each crew-member will apply hands-on application of filming and interview techniques learned in previous workshops.

Session 7: Editing Workshop

Introduction to editing software and techniques. Focus on storytelling through editing to best convey the artist's journey and messages.

Session 8: Marketing & Promotion 

Strategies for promoting video podcasts will be explored: social media, school website, local community forums. This session could also involve the construction of a 1 page website - which they will design and launch. 

Session 9: 2nd Podcast Production

If delivered as a 12 week/ 12 session program, participants will produce a second episode. Young people will swap roles with another crew member and participate in a different capacity, ie. if they were interviewer before, they may fulfill the role of a director this time, if they were sound recording before, this time they maybe assigned the responsibility of filming/ operating one of the cameras. 

Session 10: Post Production

Editing software and techniques will be applied as they learn how to edit their second episode. Participants learn to edit their footage, select compelling segments, add music, etc. 

Session 11: Marketing & Promotion 

Strategies for promoting video podcasts will be explored: social media, school website, local community forums. This session could also involve the construction of a 1 page website - design and launch. 

Planning for 'Creative Showcase' event.

Session 12: Creative Showcase

Students organise an event where they present the final edit of their video podcast or perform their personal creative projects. Peers, family members, local artists and other community members will be invited to celebrate the students’ creativity and hard work. They will collect feedback from participants, artists featured, and audience members.

They will have the opportunity to reflect on the learning experience, challenges faced, and knowledge gained throughout the program.

Celebrate the achievements of the participants and discuss potential future projects or continuation of the series.

Filming sessions can take place at your school or college, or in our video podcast recording studio in Bromley. Kent.

By the end of the "Expression through the Arts" program, participants will have:

  Gained a deep appreciation for the local arts scene and the various forms of artistic expression.

  Developed practical skills in video podcast production, including research, interviewing, filming, editing, and promotion.

  Enhanced their communication, teamwork, and project management abilities.

  Produced at least 1 video podcast highlighting the richness of artistic talent within their community, serving as a lasting testament to the power of arts and storytelling. This content plan ensures a comprehensive, engaging, and educational journey for participants, emphasising hands-on learning and the celebration of art in its many forms.

This program can also be adapted to help students identify and develop specific areas of their artistic expression.

Our approach encourages participants to reflect on their interests and talents, and to envision a path for their creative development.

Email contact@poweredbystories.co.uk to arrange a discussion about how this program can be adapted to your school, your organisation or your young people's specific requirements.

See examples of our video production work with schools and colleges here - learn more about our other video podcast programs here.

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