'Future Leaders' - Video Podcast production program for schools and colleges

'Future Leaders' - Video Podcast production program for schools and colleges

Students create a leadership focused video podcast series - involving inspirational people from their local community.

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This program was originally designed to elevate the status of young Leaders, Ambassadors, and Prefects. Content created also serves as an inspiration for other young people - inside or outside of a particular organisation, school or college. 

By interviewing established leaders and drawing on their experiences and insights, students will uncover the skills, traits, and characteristics that define successful leadership.

Filming sessions take place in our Bromley based recording studio, which can also host up to 30 students at one time in adjacent classrooms.

Content Plan Outline

Each program we deliver is bespoke, typically delivered over 6 or 12 sessions, for up to 30 young people.

In which case, it could involve the following 12 modules:

Phase 1: Program Launch - Leadership Foundations

Session 1 - Introduction to Leadership

Students will be introduced to the program objectives and overview of activities. We explore the importance of leadership in various spheres of life, including the local community and the world of business, from a local, national and international perspective. As with all our programs, students will learn the foundations of storytelling. They will explore what components are necessary in order to engage, lead and inspire. They will be introduced to a process to identify and understand their target audience.

Session 2 - Understanding Leadership Legacy

Introduction to the concept of a leadership legacy and why it matters. Students research historical leaders, from a diverse selection across different fields, cultures and eras, identifying specific characteristics and styles of leadership they admire and wish to explore further. We discuss how leaders' backstories, decisions, actions, and style continue to have an influence, even after they have passed.

Phase 2: Leadership in 2024

Session 3 - Identifying Leadership Qualities

An Interactive workshop where students explore leadership skills and values relevant today and embodied by modern leaders. By engaging reflective exercises to identify their own leadership potential and aspirations students craft stories framed around specific leadership qualities. Students learn how to apply lessons learned to contemporary leadership challenges and their own personal development.

Session 4 - Research & Interviewee Selection

Students research local leaders who have made significant contributions to their fields or communities (this can be from a pre-selected/approved list). They will then make contact and invite them to feature in the podcast program. They will begin to define a strategy to understand how storytelling formed a part of their leadership style & approach their ability to engage & motivate. Criteria for selection include achievement, impact, leadership style and personal journeys. 

Phase 3: Crafting the Narrative

Session 5 - Interviewing Techniques 

Once their interviewee has agreed to take part, and a date set for filming, students will conduct in depth, on and offline research into their chosen leader. They will create a content plan, scripts and storyboards that will be used as a guide in the production of their episode. Students will be introduced to techniques that will help during the interviewing and content creation process. Develop a series of questions to uncover the essence of each leader’s success and leadership philosophy. 

Session 6 - Studio Session 

Students will be introduced to the basics of video production, including filming and sound recording. The importance of ethical storytelling and respectful representation of interview subjects will be highlighted. Students conduct mock interviews in small groups, practising their questioning techniques and storytelling skills. Review and provide feedback on each mock interview to refine students' approach and technique.

Phase 4: Podcast Creation

Session 7 - Studio Filming

Students will each have a role in the production of the episode they have been involved with producing. Each episode will be filmed on 3 cameras, capturing different angles and perspectives. Among other topics and themes, students will explore how storytelling formed a part of their interviewees approach to leadership and influenced their ability to engage and motivate. 

Session 8 - Editing Workshop

Our post production team will guide students through the editing process, selecting key moments from interviews and weaving them into compelling narratives. They will be taught how to Incorporate visual and audio elements that enhance the storytelling impact.

Phase 5: Creation of Second Podcast Episode

Session 9 - Studio Filming (part ll)

Students will rotate through various production roles to gain a comprehensive understanding of the content creation process. For example, if they were camera operating before, they may move to sound recording, if they were directing the shoot, they may be responsible for managing the lighting of the scene this time.

Session 10 - Editing Workshop

Students will be guided by our professional editors as they work towards the completion of editing their second episode, adding music, titles and graphics, and cutting between different camera angles.

Phase 6: Leadership Showcase

Session 11 - Reflection & Showcase Preparation

Students participate in reflective discussions in the studio, where they film each other sharing lessons learned from the interviewee/interviewees (throughout different stages of the production process). This could also be an opportunity to share or present a story, give a talk or presentation to conclude the program. If a creative showcase is planned, they will organise a premiere event for the school and community to view the completed episodes.

Session 12 - Reflection & Showcase Preparation

Students host their event to launch their podcast and learning resources to the community or to the rest of the school. This will be an opportunity for the audience to give feedback and ask questions about the process and lessons learned.

View examples and learn more about our video production work with schools here.

Program Outcomes


Students develop a deeper understanding of leadership, inspired by relatable, real-world examples, brought to life through impactful stories, personal discovery and reflection.

Skill Acquisition

Participants gain practical skills in script writing, interview techniques, storyboarding, research, storytelling, multimedia production as well as event planning & hosting.

Community Impact

Designed to foster a culture of leadership within the schools and organisations working with young people, this program will elevate the role of student leaders and encourage other young people to aspire to leadership positions.

Inspirational Resource

The content created will serve as a lasting resource for current and future students to explore and understand the nuances of effective leadership.

'Future Leaders' is more than a content creation program, it's a comprehensive journey into the heart of leadership.

By engaging with leaders who have paved their paths to success, students not only learn what it takes to lead but also how to apply these lessons to their own lives, potentially sparking a transformative impact on their personal development and their communities.

Email contact@poweredbystories.co.uk to arrange a discussion about how this program can be adapted to your school, your organisation or your young people's specific requirements.

See examples of our video production work with schools and colleges here - learn more about our other video podcast programs here.

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