Male presenters and interviewers

Male presenters and interviewers

Our roster of male influencers, actors, presenters and interviewers range from 16 - 65 in age. Here are some of our most popular.

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Jamie - Multifaceted Talent in Acting & Presenting

Introducing Jamie, a dynamic and versatile actor, presenter, and stunt performer based in West London. With an impressive array of credits that include high-profile projects like "Star Wars," "Fury," "Taboo," "Bulletproof," and "I am Rage," Jamie has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

As a black belt in kickboxing, Jamie brings an authentic intensity and precision to his roles, particularly in action sequences makes him a comprehensive asset on any set.

Versatile Performer with a Wide Range of Skills: Jamie's talents are not confined to physical roles; he is also an accomplished actor with techniques focused on screen acting.  Having appeared in over 53 films and 14 television projects, in addition to his corporate, voiceover and commercial work, showcases his ability to engage audiences in diverse storytelling environments, from film and television to radio and online multimedia.

A Passionate Advocate for Brands: Beyond the screen and stage, Jamie serves as a brand ambassador and presenter, leveraging his visibility and charisma to connect with audiences and promote products and ideas with conviction and style. Standing at 6'0" with an athletic build, brown hair, and blue eyes, Jamie fits a wide age range of 30-45 years. For brands looking for a talented and committed professional who brings both skill and soul to his work, Jamie is the ideal choice. Watch his showreel here.

Jonathan - Personal Trainer & Dynamic Content Creator

With 92k followers on Instagram, Jonathan is a multifaceted talent who brings a unique blend of fitness acumen and aesthetic appeal to every project he undertakes.

A Passion for Fitness & Modeling: A dedicated personal trainer, Jonathan embodies the principles of health & wellness. His comprehensive understanding of physical well-being not only enhances his modelling career but also allows him to inspire and motivate others towards achieving their fitness goals.

Television & Advertising: Jonathan's charisma led him to appear on the popular show "Celebs Go Dating" on ITV. This experience, along with roles in various advertisements and music videos, showcases his adaptability and skill in front of the camera. Jonathan's ability to connect with the audience, whether on the runway, on-screen, or through social media, is a valuable asset in the fast-paced world of entertainment and fashion.

From Fashion Week to the Small Screen: Jonathan's modelling career boasts impressive highlights, including walking for Louis Vuitton during Fashion Week. His dynamic look and commitment to fitness make him a sought-after model for high-profile brands and designers.

Creating Content & Building Brands:
Jonathan's passion extends to creating engaging content for brands. He is committed to bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to brand collaborations, always striving to present products and lifestyles in the most captivating light.

Connect & Collaborate: Jonathan is eager to explore new opportunities and bring his talent, creativity, and professionalism to your next project. To dive into Jonathan's world of fitness and fashion, follow him on Instagram: @Jonathan_soukali, where he shares his latest projects, fitness tips, and new business ventures.

Ian: A Diverse Talent in Acting & Presenting

Ian stands out as a multifaceted professional in the entertainment and creative industries.

A Versatile Actor with a Broad Portfolio: Ian's acting prowess is evident in his recent engagements in TV commercials, corporate videos, and lifestyle shoots. He is a preferred choice for high-profile clients including BUPA, John Lewis, PwC, Just Eat, David Lloyd Clubs, Lindt, Crown Estates, Carnival Cruise Line, VW and DHL. This diverse portfolio not only highlights Ian's range as an actor and his ability to connect with a wide array of audiences.

Film, TV & Music Video Roles:
Ian's versatility is further demonstrated through his roles in film, TV, and music videos, where he has embraced a variety of characters and narratives. His commitment to embodying each role with authenticity and precision speaks volumes about his passion for storytelling and performance.

Adept in Educational & Corporate Presenting:
Ian also excels in presenting educational and corporate training videos. His expertise in utilising green-screen and teleprompter technology underscores his technological savvy and professionalism, making him an asset in producing engaging and informative content.

A London Talent Ready for New Opportunities: Based in London, Ian is continuously looking to expand his horizons and take on new challenges. His extensive experience, combined with a proactive approach to his career, positions him as a valuable collaborator for future projects in acting and presenting work to bring your brand stories alive.

Robbie James - Award-Winning Presenter, DJ & Broadcaster

A distinguished talent in the world of broadcasting, Robbie is renowned for his dynamic presence. As an award-winning presenter and DJ, Robbie captivates TV & radio audiences with his charismatic personality and engaging style.

From Capital FM to the Global Stage: Beginning his journey at Capital FM, Robbie quickly ascended the ranks of broadcast media, showcasing his talent on platforms such as the BBC, Sky Sports, and Travel xp. His expertise spans a wide array of genres, including entertainment, sports, and travel, demonstrating an ability to connect with diverse audiences and bring fresh perspectives to every show.

With a background in broadcasting for giants like the BBC and Sky Sports and creating impactful content for top-tier brands such as LADBible, Samsung, UCAS, Walkers and Starbucks, Robbie has proved himself to be a valuable asset in the world of advertising and promotional campaigns. He is ready to bring his expertise to new and exciting projects.

Robbie’s proficiency with autocue, script learning, and ad-lib presenting makes him a reliable and compelling presenter, who is keen to explore collaborations that align with his passion for storytelling and engaging with audiences on both a national and global scale.

David: Versatile Actor & Presenter Based in London

Introducing David, a dedicated and dynamic presenter and actor with a rich portfolio of work in TV commercials and commercial projects across lifestyle, sports, and business sectors.

Beyond the camera, David is an avid sports enthusiast, engaging in various physical activities that contribute to his dynamic presence on screen. This dedication to fitness and well-being not only enhances his performance in sports-related commercial work but also brings an authentic energy to every role he plays.

Notable appearances in TV commercials for high-profile clients such as Vision Express, HiHi Communications, Sky News, Villa Plus, and Kapten highlight his versatility and the trust major brands place in his capabilities. His approachability and professionalism enhance the working environment, making him a favoured choice among teammates and directors alike. View his showreel here.

Azad - Actor, Writer and Creative Visionary

Meet Azad, a spirited and versatile talent whose career spans acting in social ads, commercials, short films, and feature films, as well as a prolific writing journey that has breathed life into stories across multiple mediums. Known for his jovial presence among cast and crew, Azad thrives in a range of roles from the tragically dramatic to the comically surreal, bringing depth and dynamism to every character he portrays.

With an MA in Writing for the Stage and Broadcast Media from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Azad possesses a profound understanding of scriptwriting and direction. This educational background has not only honed his skills as an actor but has also deeply informed his writing, enabling him to craft stories with compelling narrative arcs and intricate character development. His roles as a script consultant and editor underscore his expertise in refining narratives and guiding fellow writers to uncover the essence of their stories.

A Writer’s Odyssey: Beyond the screen, Azad has ventured into the world of writing, creating stories that reflect his unique personality and perspective. This eclectic body of work showcases his ability to weave humour, drama, and insight into his creations. Whether on set or in the writer’s room, Azad is excited about the prospects of creating compelling, engaging content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Joshua - Dynamic London-Based Actor and Presenter

Welcome to the engaging world of a London-based actor and presenter who brings a wealth of experience, versatility, and passion to the screen. With a natural flair for connecting with audiences and a love for sharing insights on everything from healthy living to movies, and travel to stay-at-home activities, Joshua embodies the essence of a captivating host. Equipped with professional gear, including ring lights, green screens, backdrops, and tripods, he’s ready to bring any subject to life with vivid clarity and enthusiasm.

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