Promotional video podcast for schools and colleges

Promotional video podcast for schools and colleges

Shaping the Future: Promoting Your School Through the Voices of Your Students

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The focus of this program is to create a podcast to promote your school or college, through the eyes of your young people.

Each episode will be a powerful promotional tool to attract future pupils and students, while also appealing to their parents/carers.

Powered By Stories are proud to introduce a groundbreaking initiative designed to bridge the gap between schools, the communities they serve and prospective families. Our video podcast program will bring each of your school's stories to life.

The Heart of Your School: Through Their Eyes

At the core of this innovative program is the belief that your students are not just learners; they are storytellers, thinkers, and the very heartbeat of your school. Each episode of your video podcast series serves as a canvas for these young voices, offering a unique glimpse into the life, achievements, and spirit of your school community.

A Dynamic Promotional Tool

Designed to attract future pupils, students, and their parents or carers, your video podcast goes beyond traditional marketing. It's an authentic portrayal of not just the legacy of your school, but your vision for the future. By showcasing real success stories, engaging Q&A sessions, and insightful interviews with a diverse range of individuals connected to your school— content will be unique and relatable to those you want to appeal to. This applies as much from a marketing perspective as it does from a recruitment perspective. A video podcast for your school or college creates an opportunity to appeal to teaching professionals or support staff to if and when you have vacancies for new team members.

Episodes can be focused on interviews with your colleagues, education/marketing professionals (for new insights & perspectives), former/current students, their parents, or members of the local community. Our Bromley based video production studio can be adapted to accommodate your pupils, guests and teaching staff for full & half day filming sessions.

We regularly host groups of school children here, accompanied by their teachers, assisted by our teaching staff and production team, all of which are DBS approved.

We can accommodate up to 10 students in our Bromley based studio....

...and a further 30 students in an adjacent workspace, that also serves as a classroom, pre-production area or additional filming space.

Implementing Video Podcast Production in Schools

Curriculum Integration

We also deliver workshops and programs in schools throughout the UK. Teachers can incorporate video podcast projects into their curriculum to enhance learning objectives. For instance, a history class might produce a series on significant local historical figures or events, or interviews with people who have knowledge about the local area or photos/filmed footage from years ago - that can be incorporated into the production during post production process.

Extracurricular Activities

Schools can establish video podcast clubs as an extracurricular activity, providing students with the freedom to explore topics outside the set curriculum.

Schoolwide Projects

Video podcasts can be used for documenting school events, creating awareness on social issues, or conducting interviews with staff and local community members.

Professional Development

Teachers can also benefit from video podcast production, using it as a tool for professional development, sharing teaching strategies, and engaging with the global educational community.

Learn more about our video production work with schools and colleges here.

Challenges & Solutions

While integrating video podcast production into schools offers numerous benefits, it also presents challenges such as the need for equipment, technical training, and content moderation. Overcoming these challenges may involve:

Collaborations & Partnerships

Schools can partner with local businesses, community or charity organisations, as well as colleges and universities to access equipment and expertise.

Training Workshops

We offer workshops for students and teachers to learn the necessary technical skills, helping to demystify the production process.

Content Guidelines

We start by establishing clear guidelines for content to ensure it's appropriate, educational, and in line with school policies and GDPR legislation.

Email to arrange a discussion on how this program can be adapted to your school, your organisation or your young people's specific requirements.

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