Powered By Stories launch Bromley based Video Podcast Studio

Powered By Stories launch Bromley based Video Podcast Studio

Located In the heart of Bromley Town Centre– our bespoke studio has been designed to bring your brand's stories to life.

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Powered By Stories are thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge video podcast and recording studio. Not just a recording facility; it's a gateway for businesses, thought leaders, and innovators across London and surrounding counties to connect, share, and inspire through the power of video podcasting.

Why Video Podcasting?

Video podcast creation is a dynamic tool for any business, brand, or individual aiming to establish a unique presence in their market. This multimedia approach offers a distinctive platform for internal and external engagement and more effective marketing/branded communication.

While the idea of producing a video podcast is not new, it presents exciting opportunities for forward thinking businesses to capitalise and truly stand out- as so few are doing it. But its important to do it right- and ensure a strategy is in place before starting the content planning/production process. High production values communicate professionalism and reflect your commitment to providing a quality service and user experience.

Enhanced Engagement & Retention

Video podcasts captivate audiences on different levels and appeal to different styles of learners. The ability to see and hear interesting speakers or thought leaders creates a deeper level of trust, familiarity and connection that audio alone cannot provide. It's important to define what your brand represents and what makes you unique, before you think about developing a content plan. Also known as your 'tone of voice,' this reflects how you will differentiate from your competitors and your approach to keeping your audience engaged.

Engagement refers to how audiences interact in response to the discussion. Metrics such as likes, shares, followers, comments or website visitors can be measured and increased overtime. As audiences become more familiar with your content, they will make a habit of tuning in/returning or subscribing to your channel on a regular basis.

Such metrics, however, won't necessarily lead to more orders or repeat sales. That's where creating a compelling offer comes in.

We can produce up to 20 separate videos of varying aspect ratio and duration during a full days filming at our Bromley based studio.

Build & Promote Your Brand

Fully equipped with customisable seating, state-of-the-art cameras, sound recording and lighting equipment, we've created an environment where ideas come to life and conversations flow naturally. Whether you're recording a series of video podcasts featuring guest speakers or conducting in-depth interviews with your staff to convey their expertise, our studio serves as a canvas to build and promote your brand. It can also be used to capture the success stories from your clients and partners.

Video podcasts also create an opportunity to gather valuable insights into audience preferences, questions and feedback. This direct line of communication can inform content strategy, product development and customer service improvements.

Male Presenters, Actors & Interviewers

We work with a roster of over 65 male influencers and actors, who all have experience presenting and interviewing. Explore with us how they can be used to uncover your expertise, further establishing you and your team as thought leading experts in your field.

Click here to see some of our most popular. Male presenters >

Click here to see our portfolio of male interviewers

Female Presenters, Actors & Interviewers

Similarly, we work with over 50 female actresses,  all of which have podcast interviewing and presenting experience. Learn more about our female presenters here >

We work with a diverse portfolio of female actors and presenters. See examples here >

Storytelling Workshops  

You and your team, clients and guests will be given access to our adjacent rooms next to the studio, that can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, we can use this space to help prepare content plans and identify suitable stories that can be captured on film.

We deliver bespoke programs for businesses that want to transform the way they communicate, internally and externally. Learn more about our storytelling workshops here.

We can also deliver coaching sessions to help your team members or guests come across more confident and engaging, prior to studio filming. Contact us for more information.

This room can be used to host your guests, clients or staff in between filming.

Table and seating plans can be adapted to suit their needs. We can accommodate up to 40 people here.

This room can be used as a pre-production suite or waiting area for guest speakers or interviewees.

We also use these spaces for regular filming and green screen filming. We also use these rooms for delivering interactive workshops and training sessions.

Spotlighting Success & Solutions

Maximize studio time by inviting clients or partners into the studio to discuss the challenges they faced, the solutions your business provided, and the success stories you've been a part of together. These narratives highlight your business's impact while building trust and credibility with your audience. We're committed to accommodating your guests in such a way that they'll be begging to be invited back. We can assist with all aspects of strategy development, content planning, script writing, branding & marketing, filming & post production.

Content Versatility

The video podcast format allows for a wide range of content types, from interviews and discussions to tutorials and product demonstrations. This versatility ensures that brands can tailor their content to specific audience interests, industry trends, or educational topics, making it easier to stand out in a crowded content landscape.

A Platform for Thought Leadership

Our studio extends beyond business stories. It's a stage for thought leading interviewees to delve into bigger themes impacting the modern workplace. These discussions not only position your business at the forefront of important conversations but also provide valuable insights your audience will come back to again and again as and when they see value.

Ambient LED lighting (allows you to change colour within the studio: red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange)

Enhanced Brand Identity & Storytelling

Video podcasts offer an opportunity to reinforce visual branding elements consistently, such as logos, colour schemes, and thematic styles. This consistent visual branding helps in strengthening brand identity and recognition.

The format provides a platform for deeper storytelling, allowing brands to share their values, history, customer success stories and more. These stories can differentiate the brand by highlighting unique selling propositions, philosophies, or community involvement. Video podcasting allows brands to convey a sense of personality and relatability. This authenticity is crucial for building trust with the audience, as viewers feel they are getting to know the real person or team behind the brand.

Search Engine Visibility

Video content is highly favoured by search engines, especially if relevant keywords are included in video titles and descriptions. Tags can be added to improve search engine rankings. This visibility is critical for getting noticed by potential customers searching for related topics or solutions.

Versatile Content for Every Need

The beauty of our studio lies in its versatility. Record content that spans multiple episodes or create snippets of various lengths tailored for different platforms – from LinkedIn to Instagram..... TikTok to your company website. Our studio offers the flexibility to produce content that aligns with your marketing, communication, human resources, employee engagement as well as learning objectives.

Technical considerations

  • We film on Canon C300 cameras, which allow us to film in 4K. 
  • We record sound on up-to 4 Rode Procaster Mics.
  • Rodecaster Pro Interface.
  • We operate a Atem mini pro ISO, which allows us to switch between the camera & live streaming, if required. 
  • We have an extensive set of professional lights, including ambient LED lighting.
  • Make use of our ‘video wall’ by interacting with other people being interviewed or invited to join your discussion.

To enquire about availability, call Matt on 07920063582 or email contact@poweredbystories.co.uk

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